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Mike Calbot is a firm believer in the “Triad” system of learning, which he developed in the mid 70’s and trademarked for his schools and clinics. “Triad” meaning simply that there are three sides to learning golf; the physical side, the mental side and the technique side.

So often, instructors only work on the technique side of the swing and students usually do not accomplish what they could have, had they incorporated the other two sides of the triangle.

There are basically 5 levels to this triangle (beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and expert or professional).

The first level of the triangle is the beginner. The beginner does not have the knowledge in technique nor do they have to have the physical attributes or the mental side established, as does the more advanced golfer. On the highest scale, of course, is the expert or professional. In this case many techniques are employed. The mental side must be strong and physical conditioning is a must for endurance and longevity and to maximize the effectiveness of the techniques.

There are three basic swing types: The swinger, the hitter and the hit/swinger. There are differences in each technique. Swingers have a more pivotal action whereas hitters have a more linear motion and a hit/swinger has both the pivot and the linear brace motion.

No matter which technique is employed, there is no disagreement that basics are the key.

Basics meaning G.A.P.S.

(Grip, Aim, Posture and Stance) is the main route, along with the physical makeup of the person, as to how he or she will swing the club. Of course, we have laws, principles and our personal preferences, which are also involved.

Developing a pre-shot routine: There are many ways to approach a golf ball and detailing this approach will allow the student to incorporate the positions that they need to learn. If you cannot address the ball 10 times out of 10 times the same way, you have no chance of hitting the ball 10 times consistently the same way.

Ascertaining whether the person learns by feel, by sight or by special wording is important for effective communication. The basic premise behind my teaching is that there are no bad students, only instructors who cannot communicate to help them achieve realistic goals (realistic goals are set by both the player and their coach). A good teacher is a teacher who can help his student set and realize their individual goals and not determined by how many clients they have, or how much they charge or, by how well they play. A great teacher is determined by how well they communicate with their students to get results.

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