Junior Golf Programs

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1-Hour Instruction and Take-Home Video: $105

90-Minute Instruction: $153 OR 2-Hours On-The-Course Instruction: $234

Want More? Try our Golf Lesson Packages.

Beginner Golf Lessons Package: $525.00

For Juniors, 10 Years and Up. Five Hours: Five Days. One Hour Per Day.

What You Learn:

  • Pre-swing basics
  • Learning the full swing
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • How to practice to improve
  • Basic rules
  • Etiquette of the game

Intermediate Golf Lessons Package: $525.00

For Junior Golfers who shoot 98 and under. Five Hours: Five Days. One Hour Per Day.

What You Learn:

  • Lowering your score
  • Better ball striking
  • Consistency and distance
  • Short game skills
  • Bunker play
  • Putting
  • Intermediate wedge shorts

Advanced Golf Lessons Package: $1500

For Junior Competitive Golfers with a Handicap of 10 or less. Ten Hours: Five Days.

What You Learn and Do:

  • On-course instruction
  • Get to the next level of Golf
  • The physical side of Golf
  • The mental side of Golf
  • The technical side of Golf
  • Golf strategy

All private instruction is recorded on a DVD for take home study and for future reference.

This is the recommended way for a junior to advance quickly as the focus is on the specific needs of that individual.

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