Ball Flight Workshop: $425.00

Understanding the laws and principles of ball flight. How principles apply and application of various techniques. Drills to learn how to control flights.

Three Hours: One on One Instruction - Video Taped

Purpose: Understanding why and how the ball curves. How to access any pin placement to hit the winning shots. How to get out of difficult situations. How to play from the rough, from divots, uneven lies and trouble shots.

Short Game & Bunker Play: $425.00

How to play from 20 yards and in to the flag, the real key of saving strokes. Learn pitch shots that stop on a dime, pitch and run shots, lob wedge shots, shots from fringe, out of rough, ball setting down and up on a fluffy lie, from hard pan, even off pine needles. Drills to practice for improving technique and touch.

Three Hours: One on One Instruction - Video Taped

Putting: Styles and techniques along with reading of greens. Bunker Play: How to play from greenside bunkers. How to escape from any lie, good or bad, wet and dry sand. Drills to practice so you have no fear of shots because you understand them.

Full Swing Workshop: $425.00

A true understanding of how to master YOUR swing. Learn how the basics affect the entire swing motion. Understanding the pre-swing principles of grip, aim, posture and stance.

Three Hours: One on One Instruction - Video Taped

The simple motion of the swing through the understanding of “Dynamic Balance”. Drills to improve flexibility, balance, feel, general and specific motion of the swing. Establishing a sound pre-shot routine. Specifically what you need to work on for swing advancement.

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